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Come in and check out our new premium dog toys for sale! We have tons of new toys, theres a perfect one for every dog. We carry ultrasonic toys that only dogs can hear, so there’s no more annoying squeaky toys. We also carry toys with Chew Guard technology, which is tough, durable liner that is specially engineered, and double stitched to withstand tough play.



Meow–dicinals Catnip and Pet Grass Items – Call to ask about our new products we offer for your animals!

We offer our own line of catnip and pet grass!Our high-quality products are locally grown, and dogs and cats love them! Historically, catnip has served a number of uses. It was a common home remedy used to treat complaints of pregnant women, childhood colic, fevers, and pneumonia. Today, catnip is wildly popular across the world as an indoor and outdoor plant. Most cats as well as dogs enjoy chewing on pet grass for its high nutritional content. Catnip simulates the male hormone in both male and female cats, causing them to be quite playful and entertaining.
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  • Catnip $5.99
  • Pet Grass $5.99
  • 2 Plants for $10

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